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3 Reasons Why Restaurant And Hotels Need To Keep Their Locations Spotless

In the restaurant and hotel industries, cleanliness is not only crucial, but requires more than the standard commercial clean. Both restaurant kitchens and hotel rooms are especially prone to the spread of germs and bacteria, meaning cleaning crews must be diligent in keeping the locations spotless.

So why is cleanliness is so important?

Brings in customers

Often times, cleanliness is a huge deciding factor when choosing which restaurant or hotel to visit. The look and feel of an establishment is just as important as the quality of the cuisine, helpfulness of the staff, or the amount of amenities. An unclean bed or dining area detracts from the positive qualities of your establishment that you really want your customers to focus on. If a restaurant or hotel develops a reputation for being dirty and unhygienic, they will quickly lose popularity among potential customers. Harris Interactive conducted a survey where 79 percent of Americans reported they would avoid returning to a restaurant that had dirty bathrooms. A well-trained janitorial staff will be aware of these concerns and ensure your business leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Easier health inspections

The health department shuts down restaurants every day for not meeting cleanliness standards. For most eating establishments, health inspections are performed anywhere from one to four times a year, usually without notice. All findings are more than accessible to the public, and a letter grade of C or below is considered a “red flag” for most consumers. Although each jurisdiction is different, most health inspectors look for the same kind of violations when it comes to hygiene: dirt or grease on the walls and floors, excessive food build up, and garbage not being cleared regularly. Having a janitorial staff pay particular attention to these things is the best way to keep your restaurant inspection-ready.

While hotel cleanliness is not regulated by the government, most hotels hire their own inspector in order to stay competitive. Because cleanliness is the most important factor for their customers, many hotels will hire a private inspector to check for things like carpet stains, bathroom sanitation, and other maintenance issues. These inspections should be a breeze for hotel owners who have a reliable janitorial staff.

Different methods for a deeper clean

Restaurant and hotel cleaning involves more than simply wiping down the counters or sweeping the floors. They each require the use of specific cleaning methods in order to keep your establishment looking its best and operating at its highest level. Restaurant kitchen cleaning is the most demanding job in the commercial cleaning industry. All equipment and tools used to clean the kitchen must remain in the kitchen and cannot be used in other areas of the restaurant. This prevents grease and bacteria from spreading into the entryway or dining portion of the restaurant. The kitchen floors need special attention and should be degreased, deck scrubbed, and rinsed. Your cleaning staff should pay extra attention to any germ hot spots, such as restrooms, door and appliance handles, tables, and baseboards. Sink drains also collect several germs throughout the day and should be cleaned thoroughly after removing any leftover food.

Hotels also require a great amount of detail-oriented cleaning. While every hotel should have a thorough housekeeping staff that regularly checks and cleans rooms, you should also have a janitorial staff to work on the things that are just as important, but may not be as noticeable. A good cleaning crew will power wash the parking lot, clean the HVAC system for better air quality, eliminate bad odors, and deep clean carpet and flooring. Although these tasks may not seem as urgent, they play a huge part in keeping customers satisfied.

If you’re a restaurant or hotel owner, you understand the importance of an immaculately clean establishment. It draws customers in, keeps them happy, and makes them much more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. And let’s not forget about those online reviews that play a huge role in any restaurant or hotel’s success these days.