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Allergy-Proof Your Miami Workspace For the Good of Your Employees

A New Surge in COVID-19 Cases Reinforces the Need for Professional Services

Due to an easily transmissible strain and stalled vaccination numbers, a new wave of COVID-19 cases is hitting countries across the globe. It has made developing Delta variant disinfection plans and services critical as many locales are fighting to hold off a return of shutdowns and other preventative measures.

There’s little doubt the United States’ ongoing battle against the pandemic has hit another crucial juncture. Data indicates active cases are climbing rapidly in many parts of the country, and both the daily new case numbers and 7-day averages are much higher than at this same point a year ago. As of Aug. 19, the number of daily active cases had increased 47% in just two weeks; the number of COVID-related hospitalizations has risen 56% over the same time span.

The Delta variant, a strain of the original COVID-19 virus, was expected to negatively impact the nation’s fight with the pandemic. First identified in India in December 2020, the Delta variant has swept rapidly across the world since. For instance, the first Delta case in the U.S. was diagnosed in March; by early summer it was the most dominant strain of the virus in the U.S. The Delta variant (also known as B.1.617.2) can spread more easily than the original stain, according to the CDC, and contains mutations on the spike protein which make it more likely to infect human cells. In short, it’s more easily contracted and more easily spread to others.

But why does this matter to you and your business? Having a Delta variant disinfection plan in place now can mean the difference between remaining open — or having to close your doors — when positive cases spike in your community, or show up in your facility.

Trust a Leader in Delta Variant Disinfection Services

Terminal Cleaning Solutions is a leader in developing proactive responses to the myriad challenges presented at every stage of the pandemic, and has helped many businesses remain open through a comprehensive suite of professional cleaning and disinfecting services. Those attributes remain despite the new challenges.

Terminal Cleaning Solutions has compiled a collection of resources for customers and cleaning companies alike to learn more about the latest phase of the pandemic, and how to develop Delta variant disinfection programs to prepare for it. With planning, execution, essential equipment, and proper techniques, Terminal Cleaning Solutions will make your facility more resilient in protecting against virus threats.

Free Assessment
Begin with a no-obligation assessment of your facility. We’ll examine and catalog the number and types of surfaces, the volume of foot traffic, and much more to determine risk assessment scoring prior to executing our professional disinfecting services. The process includes reviewing high-frequency touch surfaces, such as door knobs and handles on doors and entrances, elevators, light switches, handrails, bathroom fixtures, and much more. This will help to determine what needs to be cleaned first and most often, how areas will be disinfected, and what resources will be needed.