Take the Guesswork Out of Restroom Cleaning

With the current health crisis still in full swing, it can be difficult to know exactly where to focus more of your cleaning and disinfecting efforts. Restrooms in schools, offices, daycares, manufacturing plants, and other facilities can get a lot of use making them a main area to focus your cleaning efforts on.

However, it can be confusing to know which parts of the restroom need just a quick wipe down, which parts need to be disinfected more often, and which areas and objects are considered high-touch warranting disinfection more frequently. To help you get the most out of your restroom cleaning routine and to take the guesswork out, we’ve created a convenient, restroom cleaning checklist. Schedule a free consultation today and learn more.

This checklist is a quickstart guide to cleaning and disinfecting restrooms daily or several times per week. The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting depends on how often the restroom is used. If the restroom is in an office where most people are currently working from home, then it won’t need to be done several times per day.

However, if the restroom is used heavily throughout the day, it may make sense to have someone on your team check in a few times per day to do a quick wipe down and disinfection of high-touch surfaces like the door handles and toilet seats.