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Cleaning Confidence for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

There is no room for error when it comes to cleaning healthcare facilities. Patient safety depends upon it. Janitorial practices must be thorough, systematic and consistent, in addition to audit ready for regulatory compliance.

Ordinary janitorial services do not cut it in this environment.

The cleaning of health care facilities is a complex process that requires expertise in standard operating procedures as well as knowledge of state and federal compliance requirements. The right provider knows the procedures necessary to provide a safe and healthy environment for healthcare staff and patients – and has the quality control processes to ensure they are maintained.

At Terminal Cleaning Solutions, it starts with our hiring practices, beginning with 20-30% higher baseline compensation and thorough background checks to ensure we find the right people. Our training processes are diligent and include bloodborne pathogen training and certification under the standards set by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our investment in our team ensures that we don’t suffer from the constant turnover that plagues other janitorial service providers.

Customized Procedures to Meet Individual Cleaning Needs

The Terminal Cleaning Solutions team has deep experience in providing high-quality cleaning services to hospitals, surgery centers and large clinics (100 beds and up) including the cleaning and process validation for:

  • Outpatient facilities
  • General inpatient rooms
  • Specialized patient areas
  • Common rooms

In addition to training our teams, our processes and systems employ best practices for the prevention of infection transmission to keep surgery centers, patient rooms, restrooms, offices and common areas pristine and audit ready, including the sanitizing of surfaces in common areas to help prevent the spread of illness.

Keeping Healthcare Facilities Audit Ready

Keeping your facility compliant and audit ready is included in our contract. We don’t add extra fees just to ensure that your facilities are ready for inspection. Our managers closely supervise and inspect our work on a daily basis in addition to monthly inspections by our regional managers and quarterly executive team audits.

In addition to following the stringent protocols for healthcare facilities and inspecting hot spots, our teams are trained to look thoroughly for dirt, dust or disarray in places that can be overlooked. We also manage cleaning validation paperwork and logbooks for our clients.

Take the first step today. Contact Terminal Cleaning Solutions to find out more about our cost analysis and site survey. We will identify the janitorial needs in your facility and create a plan to resolve them.