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Medical Facility Cleaning

In the commercial cleaning world, each building or facility comes with its own unique requirements, depending on the business, layout, and specialized needs of the establishment. While some commercial buildings only necessitate a standard, consistent quality cleaning, medical facilities call for a meticulous and highly trained janitorial staff that is well versed in the specifics of the job.

Because there are potential health risks, hiring a commercial janitorial company that knows which tools, techniques, and products to use while cleaning is essential. Improper cleaning could be detrimental to the health of the patients at these medical facilities who are already vulnerable. A well-kept medical facility plays an important role in maintaining patient satisfaction, preventing infection, and keeping the building looking spotless.

Here are some ways cleaning a medical facility differs from cleaning other commercial buildings:

Specialty Training and Techniques

Specialized equipment requires specialized cleaning procedures. Your janitorial staff should be properly trained and well aware of what cleaning a medical facility entails beyond the regular commercial clean. Being able to adopt new techniques in order to effectively clean and disinfect equipment is imperative when it comes to medical facilities. In addition to standard deep cleaning, your janitorial staff should take extra care to ensure your patients’ environment is regularly disinfected, as well as any shared equipment that is typically moved from room to room. From the way trash is packed to the floor mopping system, all contaminants should be handled and disposed of properly. Because the world of medicine is constantly changing and evolving, both the hospital and janitorial staff should stay informed about the best and safest products and practices so that your facility receives high quality, up-to-date cleaning daily. According to the CDC, the Hepatitis B virus can survive in dried blood for one week on contaminated surfaces or equipment. Your janitorial staff should have a solid understanding of the disinfectants approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and be vigilant in only using what has been approved.

Put Patients at Ease

Health difficulties are stressful enough as is. Patients are coming to your facility to get better, not sicker. A dirty or unkempt facility will likely add to patient concerns, as well as prolong or prevent their recovery. Keeping lobbies, patient rooms, and operating rooms in pristine condition promotes trust in the doctors, removes doubts about patient care, and enables them to heal quicker. It also boosts morale among the hospital staff, allowing them to stay organized and operate smoothly. Having a conscientious commercial janitorial team means doctors and nurses have more time to focus on the well-being of their patients rather than having to make sure the right products were used on the floors.

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