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Commercial Cleaning Tips for 2022

Take 2 buildings for example. Imagine walking along the corridors of building A. Then an irresistible fragrance of daffodils in the air. Every nook and cranny has been disinfected. No litter is visible. Each item has its proper place. Here, commercial cleaning tips are prominent in stockroom and maintenance areas. 

Across the street lies building B. The old and dilapidating exterior is an eyesore. Molds and dews are as visible as the eyes could see. Trash is everywhere. The whole place smells like a rotten cat.

As a client, which building would you like to visit?

Why are commercial cleaning tips valuable?

1. Commercial cleaning tips help save money.

  • Keeping office furniture, equipment, and appliances clean and efficient at all times means less frequent to no repairs.
  • Protect and prolong the lifespan of varying surfaces in a workspace.
  • A well-maintained interior (lobby, conference room, offices) reduces the need for costly renovation.
  • No investment in cleaning materials and equipment if you hire professional commercial cleaners.

2. Tips on ‘deep clean’ is unlike any ordinary cleaning regimen.

  • It means a more thoroughly cleaned office space. Surfaces and upholstery are free from deep-seated dirt.

3. Cleanliness is a sign of trust and reliability for clients, visitors, and associates.

  • Being clean means one thing: the commercial establishment is serious about business. An untidy workplace sends out the wrong signal.
  • A clean environment helps staff and associates become more productive.
  • No eyesore means no distractions, which in turn translates to more output. Productivity contributes to the bottom line.

4. Reduce the cost of employees’ sick days due to lost productivity.

5. Each commercial cleaning tip comes with a sense of responsibility to prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace.

It is not enough to be clean. The work environment must be safe from accidents and the dreaded coronavirus.

How to clean commercially?

Here are 10 commercial cleaning tips to work on.

1. Clean first, then disinfect.

  • Remove stubborn dirt and germs from surfaces by cleaning.
  • Use FDA-approved and environmentally-friendly chemicals to kill germs.

2. Properly disinfect surfaces.

  • To disinfect surfaces, use diluted bleach solution. You can also use an alcohol solution having at least 70% alcohol.

3. Be sure to clean and disinfect regularly touched objects.

  • Toilet utilities like faucets, bidets, toilet bowls, and doorknobs
  • Computer set like keyboard, mouse, CPU, and backup regulator buttons
  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, mobile tablets, and laptops
  • Office equipment like printer, fax modem, telephone, photocopy machine, wi-fi broadband modem

4. Clear the clutter.

  • Remove clutter from high traffic areas like stairs and hallways to prevent slips and falls.
  • It’s also best to make a habit of keeping everything in its proper place.

5. Remove any potential fire hazard.

  • Be sure to keep stockpiles of documents and boxes in a storage room away from any source of ignition.
  • Moreover, clearing the clutter is one way of removing potential fire hazards.
  • Review safety standards regularly. Check if operation procedures adhere to the standards.

6. Store items properly.

  • Keep heavy objects at waist-high shelves to minimize bending.
  • Arrange piles of documents neatly in steel cabinets.
  • Boxes should be stacked securely to prevent things from falling or toppling.
  • Also keep a sturdy steel ladder in the storage room.

7. Deep clean the floors.

  • Get carpets, tiles, or any floorings professional-cleaned.

8. Make a checklist of cleaning chemicals.

  • Use soaps, detergents, disinfectants, and various types of cleaning chemicals.
  • Mix chemicals as per instruction on the package labels.
  • Never assume that two chemicals will safely mix.
  • Store chemicals in a cool and well-ventilated stock room.
  • Avoid overcrowding the shelves and label each item appropriately.
  • Use disposable gloves and safety eyewear.

9. Be extra careful when working at heights.

  • Utilize sturdy step tools with a secure handhold to maintain balance.
  • You can also use pole-mounted brushes, squeegees, or other cleaning aids. These help minimize climbing.

10. Make a cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

  • Check if regular cleaners abide by it.
  • Inspect the work environment regularly.
  • Post cleanliness rules in designated areas like toilets, pantries, or dining areas.

What commercial cleaning skills should you look for?

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Moreover, our professionally-trained staff possesses above par commercial cleaning and janitorial skills such as:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming office spaces.
  • Clean, mop, and sanitize restrooms and break rooms.
  • Dust desks, file cabinets, and window sills.
  • Empty trash.
  • Carpet cleaning, floor stripping, and waxing.
  • Window cleaning and pressure washing.

We also provide handyman services, restroom supplies, day porter, and day matron.

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