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Steps Every Office Can Take To Help Prevent Coronavirus Spread

1. Avoid Contact With Sick People
Workplaces should consider relaxing attendance policies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Allowing flexibility in working from home or extra sick days can help. Doing so can encourage caution and help keep those who are sick away from those who are not sick.

2. Avoid Touching Your Face
Any contact with your eyes, nose or mouth can increase the risk of exposing yourself to the Coronavirus. This is because if the virus is on your hands after touching a contaminated surface you run the risk of infecting yourself by touching these parts of your body.

3. Stay Home If You Are Sick
If you are experiencing any of the CDC listed symptoms it is best to limit your exposure to your colleagues by staying home from work.

4. Use Facial Tissues To Cover Sneezes and Coughs
Immediately discard used facial tissues in the trash to prevent contaminating surfaces and your co-workers. If you have placed them on a surface, be sure to properly disinfect that surface after removing the contaminated tissue.

5. Wear a Facemask if you are Showing Signs of Coronavirus Symptoms
The CDC states that it “does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases” ( However, it does recommend those who show symptoms to wear facemasks to prevent getting fellow employees sick.

6. Use Hand Sanitizer and/or Wash Your Hands With Soap And Water For At Least 20 Seconds
The simple (but intentional!) act of keeping your hands clean and sanitized will help stop the spread of the coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses. Remember to wash between your fingers, under your nails and on top of your hands – not just the palms. If you instead use a hand sanitizer, make sure it is a solution of at least 60% alcohol.